Animal Control

The Animal Control Officers ( ACO’s ) are civilian members of the Police Department and are responsible for many tasks related to the care, control and licensing of domestic animals in the City of Haverhill. Our ACO’s are responsible for enforcing the numerous City Ordinances related to animals such as: leash law violations, licensing requirements, barking / nuisance dog violations etc... Our ACO’s also have extensive training in animal abuse/cruelty/neglect investigations and work closely with Haverhill Police Officers and MSPCA Law Enforcement to criminally charge those who mistreat animals.

Our Animal Control Officers are also well trained and very knowledgeable in dealing with wildlife. They are happy to advise and educate the public on wildlife issues whenever possible. Protecting the public from sick wildlife is an important aspect their job, so if you have any questions or concerns about wildlife please contact Animal Control.

The Animal Control Office and Shelter is located at 99 Downing Ave., behind the DPW Garage. If you need assistance with an animal issue they can be reached at 978-374-2415.

The Police Department currently employs two (2) full-time Animal Control Officers.