Narcotics Division

Narcotics is the one element in today’s society that not only destroys the individuals that are utilizing and/or selling the substance, but entire families and communities. To combat this evil, Police Departments around the Country have formed special units to the fight the proliferation of drugs in their cities and towns. In recent years, Law Enforcement has determined that drugs are not only prevalent in the inner cities, but the tentacles have reached far into the suburbs in today’s society.

The Haverhill Police Narcotics Unit’s focus is to target drug suppliers and dealers and arrest them for criminal prosecution. This is accomplished by the use of informants, undercover buys with detective’s and buy-bust operations. The HPD Narcotics Unit also utilizes other police agencies, such as the DEA, Massachusetts State Police along with other local, state and federal partners. The narcotics unit relies on the citizens to report any suspicious drug activity. The narcotics unit has detectives assigned full time to drug task forces to strengthen our relationships with our Law Enforcement partners.

With the help of both citizens and informants, the unit attempts to seek out and limit the illegal flow of narcotics into Haverhill. The unit depends heavily on informants, including members of the community, to supply us with the necessary information to control illegal drug activity. Anyone with this type of information is encouraged to contact the Haverhill Police Department’s main phone line and leave a tip. The tips can be anonymous if the person does not want to leave their name. All information given to the narcotics unit will be kept confidential.