Domestic Violence

Domestic violence encompasses more than just dating violence and spousal abuse. Domestic violence also includes violence between romantic and former romantic partners, spouses and ex-spouses, siblings, parents, other family members, and roommates. Violence can appear in many different forms including physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, and psychological or emotional abuse. Within the Criminal Investigations Division, there are Detectives assigned to investigate all reports of domestic related assaults and abuse. The Detectives will follow up investigations, coordinate victim services, act as a liaison between the police department and court system, and handle outreach and referrals to outside agencies. Domestic violence services are designed to meet the needs of survivors and their children whose lives are greatly affected by domestic violence.

Domestic Advocate Services
Jean Walker
Jean Walker
Victim Advocate

The Haverhill Police Department also provides a civilian Victim Advocate who works along with the Criminal Investigations Division and assists survivors find and obtain a multitude of available services in the community (shelter, counseling, legal services, health centers, etc.). These services aid in assisting victims in their recovery from abusive situations and to ensure proper intervention and support networks are provided.The advocate is also available to discuss safety planning with victims as well as help them understand the criminal justice process and their legal rights, including how to obtain a restraining order.

Restraining Orders

Restraining orders can be obtained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During business hours a restraining order can be applied for at court. After court hours, during weekends and holidays, an emergency restraining order can be applied for at the police station. The following can be requested through a restraining order:

  • A court may order the abuser refrain from abusing, hurting or harassing the victim
  • Vacate the household
  • Stay away from the victim and from places the victim may be, including school and work
  • No contact with the victim

The Haverhill Police Department works closely with the YWCA of Haverhill. Their services include crisis intervention and advocacy, emergency safety planning, referrals to shelters, transportation and other emergency services.